Fitted x Aloha Got Soul – Hawaiian Salt

If your a foodie like myself, chances are you’ve encountered salt of the Hawaiian variety in your gastronomical exploits. Though its a tad pricier than run-of-the-mill Morton’s, when it comes to imparting flavor to a dish, it’s most certainly well worth it as it comes in a wide selection of different kinds, each with it’s own distinct essence.

The same rings true with the newest offering from our friends at Aloha Got Soul, as the name alone fits it perfectly. Since listening to it and getting to the 26 minute mark, I’ve heard nothing but flavor after flavor of rare groove and marvelous soul tracks that I couldn’t say I’ve ever heard before.

Native Hawaiians cherished salt for its most important use, preservation. That’s exactly what FittedAloha Got Soul are doing with the Hawaiian Salt mixtape: preserving the funky, flavorful music of Hawaii’s past. Enjoy 76 minutes of rare groove, soul, jazz and funk created in the islands back when R&B reigned supreme in Hawaii.

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A proper physical release of this goodness will happen on this upcoming Record Store Day (04/20), which will be a freebie if you purchase a limited edition T-Shirt from Fitted by signing up over HERE. For now, you’ll just have to stream the soulful seasoning into your morning.

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