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Rahdu is most well known for creating intricate sound tapestries with his mixes but he also does illustration. His most recent illustrations have been transformed into stickers for you to rock and represent. Enjoy!

The Cool (Sticker)

When it comes to style, you get no cooler than the man who refused to be defined by it. Although, considered a master in each style he endeavored from bebop to Hip Hop, one of my favorite periods is when he championed The Cool. Hell, he birthed it and you just dont get any cooler than that!

The Monk (Sticker)

Monk is undeniably one of the most intriguing players in Jazz canon. Innovative and mysterious, he kept everyone on their toes with his unconventional ways. Although he didn’t fit neatly into the Jazz musician archetype of the time, the unorthodox yet highly influential pianist remains an icon to this day.

The Epic (Sticker)

When The Epic dropped it captured the ears of many and helped refute the popular opinion that Jazz was dead. However, the artform was never anywhere near it’s deathbed with numerous younger generation Jazz musicians helping to keep its flag held high.


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