Tribe Vibes Vol. 3: Even More A Tribe Called Quest Samples

You already know what it is. More great tunes sampled by A Tribe called Quest to decrease your harddrive space. 33 tracks of handpicked, dusty fingered creating gems used to make Golden Era classics. Download HERE and enjoy! Get Vol. 1 and 2 HERE

1. Star of the Story [Verses From The Abstract]
2. Upon this Rock [Verses From The Abstract Drums]
3. Steam Drill [Infamous Date Rape]
4. New Rags [Buggin Out]
5. Tribute to Obabi [Excursions]
6. Time [Excursions]
7. Midnight Cowboy [Show Business]
8. Brazilian Rhyme [Mr.Muhammed]
9. Exp (skit) [If The Papes Come]
10. Pot Belly [If The Papes Come]
11. Who’s Makin Love [Hot Sex]
12. All You Need Is Love (skit) [Luck Of Lucien]
13. Sir Duke [Footprints]
14. Keep On Doin It [Rap Promoter]
15. Dig On It [God Lives Through]
16. Rain Day [Go Ahead In The Rain]
17. Walk Tall [Footprints]
18. No Deposit, No Return [Bonita Applebum UK Remix]
19. Between the Sheets [Bonita Applebum Remix]
20. Why [Bonita Applebum Video Remix]
21. Sunshower [Can I Kick It?]
22. The Way You Do [Can I Kick It horns]
23. Hard Times [Can I Kick It Remix]
24. What a Waste [Can I Kick It Remix]
25. Dreams [Electric Relaxation]
26. New Horizons [Electric Relaxation/Hot 4 You]
27. What Can You Bring Me [Rock Rock Yall]
28. Leo [Stepping It Up]
29. Little Sunfower [The Love]
30. Didn’t I
31. Soul Concerto [Spirits]
32. Cosmic Reign [Lyrics To Go Remix]
33. The Hump [Mr. Incognito]


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