Artist Spotlight – Abnormal

It’s time for a little artist spotlight. And today’s lucky producer is Abnormal!!! I didn’t know of his existence until a few days ago when I found his adult swim beats, but I’m digging his style. Oh and these beats really do sound like beats that would be on Adult Swim. He also has another joint called “Corridors of My Mind”, feeling this one too.

You can support him HERE

Some words from the man himself:

“I got the idea to do this project from watching a few custom-made bumps on youtube. I always notice that the beat were either dope as hell or not my taste at all. So I decided to switch up a project I was on to do this. The idea behind this was to make chill and slightly different beats. Since Stones Throw supplies the music for Adult Swim I tried to not mimic Dilla or Madlib and have fun while doing so. I got the idea to put pictures to the beats to make the project even more like Adult Swim. Hopefully the people at Adult Swim hear this and post it. Hope that you enjoy the album and again this me doing beats that I’d like to see on Adult Swim not trying to imitate Flying Lotus, Nujabes or anyone who has music that plays on Adult Swim.”

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