Tone TreZure – Street Life [Download]

Ms. TreZure just dropped off the next single from “Pepper Russell: Life In Stereo“, her hotly anticipated, mostly auto-biographical release utilizing nothing but J Dilla production.

While her last offering was a soulful, smooth and sweet love offering on Valentine’s Day, this one gets more of a bounce over Dilla’s “Sexy Ways” sample but the pointed subject matter is aimed towards the high rise tenement windows of those individuals that “Get It How They Live” on them street corners. From the moment the track Dilla manipulated from The Moments “Sexy Mama” begins, Tone’s signature riff find the pocket and settles in, dropping several Iceberg Slim influenced pearls of street knowledge on the listener than could almost rival a Donald Goines novel.

Street Life

Still no hard set date for the release other than this October but sooner rather than later, we will be inducted into what Tone describes as

“A version of the Prodigal Son storyline, except that I’m relaying my own personal journey as a woman, narrated over, around and through Dilla’s lesser used tracks”.

Heavy concept indeed but I can dig it. Stay tuned for more info about the release and grab a copy of this gem HERE.

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