Aleon Craft – The Prologue Pt. 2

The Prologue is a two-part introduction into Aleon Craft (the artist), better known as “Big Marc,” of Da Backwudz and The Solar-Hop Chronicles (a collection of his music to be released in the future).  It is the creation of Aleon Craft, SMKA (Music) & Esperanza (Art).  The Prologue Pt. 2  is the second installment of the 2 part project.  The project is split into 2 parts so that the listener can take in the music.  Pt. 1 & 2 will be released with new music & features as The Prologue: Mixtape in late May.

Throughout his life, Craft has enjoyed music from all genres and cultures.  He has drawn musical inspiration from much of the funkadelic, Motown and southern hip-hop he grew up listening to.  However, he has never truly identified with one specific genre…so he decided to call his music, “Solar-Hop.”  What is Solar-Hop?  Solar-Hop is…spaced out funk over high hats and 808s, Maceo on sax, heavy southern bass, soul samples on Saturn, a bag of fresh vegetables, a cloud of yoga flame, a Cadillac time machine, a plate of soul food in a submarine, a balled with some bump, experimentation with no hypothesis or simply put: soulful, spaced out music or Solar-Hop.

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