Tall Black Guy – Leave Us To Say Goodnight

One of the qualities that has led to Tall Black Guy’s meteoric rise is his tremendous work ethic – he seems to never stop working! Mixes, DJ gigs, 7″ releases, albums and more are constantly being paraded before our eyes to the delight of our ears. Never one to let you down when it comes to making music sound marvelous, Tall Black Guy has unleashed some new MPC magic for the masses. Leave Us to Say Goodnight is just the type of TBG treat that makes you wish he’ll never leave us, but is so craftily created you know he couldn’t possibly bring himself to do such a thing. Groove on Groovers!

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • paytonjr


  • Agreed!

  • lydia hinton

    Leave us to say goodnight….just awesome I wish it was longer that john mcglaughlin bassline is so damn deep Thanks