Take Me Away Fast (Documentary Film Trailer)

This documentary now showing in the film festival circuit, follows German DJ and record collector Frank Gossner through the West African countries of Benin and Ghana in search of the rarest of funk and Afrobeat records. The trailer features converstations with some of West Africa’s most prominent funk stars, including Gustave Bentho of Orchestre Poly-Rythmo (also featured here), with commentary on the music’s effect on their communities and political climate.

When I came across Gossner’s site some years ago, my first thought was, wow..traveling the world looking for records is most definitely on my to-do list, but man, wouldn’t it be nice to hear more of these re-discovered groups making “comeback” albums as a result of the re-issuing and compiling of their records? Just one of a few thoughts…Read another perspective on this question plus words from the dj himself here.

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Posted by Junior Star

  • Piper

    Been hearing whispers about this film for years now. Is it ever coming out? I was into West African guitar bands for a while but the music is just too hard to come by and the few gate keepers that have this stuff are total opportunistic boners so naturally my interest has waned. Too much effort. I would be curious to see this short doc though.