Skyzoo & Antman Wonder – An Ode To Reasonable Doubt [Download + Video]

Skyzoo & Antman Wonder – An Ode To Reasonable Doubt [Download + Video]


Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of remakes. Something about the propensity of it not living up to or surpassing the original. Yeah, I do fool with some cover songs if they are done properly but certain things, like horridly done movie versions of staples from my childhood television viewing should be left alone. (and yes, I’m looking at you G.I. Joe and Transformers)

The same principle goes for albums from my formative years as well. Be it a tribute set done by another artist in a misguided attempt to pay homage or a so-called sequel to a pinnacle LP (yeah, I’m looking at you Marshall), outside of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 or eLZhi’s spot on ELmatic, I hadn’t put much weigh into anything. Then December 4th 2013 happened and in the midst of the internet gushing over it being Hova’s birthday, I troll across this and I haven’t listened to much else since.

In light of Jay-Z’s 44th birthday, Skyzoo & Antman Wonder release their collaboration EP “An Ode To Reasonable Doubt”.
The 9 song EP shows Philly composer Antman Wonder recreating the original beats with live string sections, horns, etc.. while lyrically its written from the perspective of Sky placing himself in the emotions that Jay displayed on the original but from his point of view as opposed to reinterpreting Jay’s life.

I’ve spoken at length on Skyzoo’s talent before, so rather than re-hash it, I’ll just say this is a must cop which you can get HERE or with the widget above. Oh and stroll over HERE to get a companion piece, “The Winter Warz” as well.

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