Osmojam – Wake Me Up Before You Go [Acoustic WHAM! Cover]

Osmojam – Wake Me Up Before You Go [Acoustic WHAM! Cover]

When I last heard from the French Soul songbird, I was clamoring over her Tum’Soul produced “If You Want To Stay“.

Since then, Osmojam has been constructing a set of acoustic versions of her favorite 80’s songs for her soon to release EP, simply entitled “80“. As the first offering of the set, she settles on a smooth, guitar driven remake of a George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley classic.

Wake Me Up Before You Go [Acoustic WHAM! Cover] >> Download | Alt

Staying true to the original tone-wise, yet rife with her own inflections, Osmojam turns in a version that should soothe even the staunchest of WHAM! fans.

Grab the download from the links above and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the project to release very soon.

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