DJ Rahdu – N’Dambi: The Most Beautiful Mixtape (Unfinished)

In 2009, I began working on a N’Dambi mixtape to help promote her upcoming album Pink Elephant. During the process of selecting tracks for the mix my hardrive crashed, slowing things down considerably and eventually the album was released.
Today, while listening to DJ Kemit’s collaboration with N’Dambi on his new album Everlasting, I remembered that a rough edit of the mix was on my iPod under one of the names N’Dambi was flirting with naming the mix. Here’s a section of the mix ripped straight from my iPod.
I’m debating on whether to finish this as a Love Letter mix. Thoughts? Download HERE

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  • Shawny

    Please Please Please go forward with the Love Letter Idea. I LOVE N’Dambi and glad you decided to actually do a mixtape on her I’ve been waiting for somebody to do it. I think she is VERY underrated in the music world. I’ve been following her for years, I’ve also put a lot of family and friends on to her and they LOVE her.

  • Joseph Buck

    Yes! Let’s Gooooo!

  • Soulflower

    That is an excellent idea sir!!!

  • sinna

    Yeah man. You cut me off while I was all up in it. Definitely finish the mix.

  • Shaw

    Mos Def. This is a cool mix…please finish it!!

  • Designers Original

    way tooooooo short. please finish this mix as a love letter….. can’t wait to hear it