Vinyl? Check! #67 J. J. Johnson – Nickles and Dimes

In 1957, JJ Johnson was “the most consistent winner of first place in Jazz polls throughout the world.” This is really incredible considering he was regarded as a master in Modern Jazz, took a sabbatical, acquired a unfulfilling gig as a blueprint inspector, and returned to the music scene to form a successful trombone duo with Kai Winding which he ended to test his solo chops. This album, First Place finds him with great company, the highly awarded Max Roach, Mr PC (Paul Chambers) and pianist Tommy Flanagan. Nickles and Dimes is cut from a blowing session, with every composition constructed from mere sketches but fleshed out with the magic of improvisation. The interplay is infectious and the overall track is perfect for a Sunny Day. Chill out and enjoy

J. J. Johnson – Nickles and Dimes

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