Victoria Monet – NIghtmares & Lullabies Acts I & II

Songwriters these days have become the most diverse and accessible talent pool for record labels and fans. One can find the next Skylar Grey or the next Ne-Yo as these double threats have proven they have the skills to not only write the songs, but also perform them. Victoria Monet, a burgeoning singer/songwriter from Sacramento, California has been releasing her own music on iTunes and Sound Cloud for some time, includingtwo EPs. The first one is “Nightmares and Lullabies Act I,” a finely tuned sonic introduction to this songbird. The first song, “We Are People,” a great marriage between the beats and her voice, allows her to discuss the frailties of human beings in relationships. On “Made in China,” she espouses on the beauty of love and on “For the Thrill,” she ruminates on the natural high that love often gives those intoxicated in its smoke. On “Good Time X Trouble”, she realizes what she thought was a good time with her lover is nothing but trouble. The last track of the EP, “Backyard,” is her theme song for all underdogs.
The newest EP, her sequel, “Nightmares and Lullabies Act II” kicks off with her remake of “Well I Do,” an interlude I wished was a full song that serves its purpose as a re-introduction. The next track, “High Luv,” reminds me of a funky 90s Timbaland track, filled with his infamous snares. T.I. serves an assist on the next track, “Mad Generation,” a melodic fantasy you can’t help but nod to. “Cupid” is a fun and flirtatious track, reminiscent of Naturi Naughton era 702. “More of You” sounds very simplistic in its arrangement, yet showcases just how much of a siren Victoria Monet is, as she allows her vocals to act as an instrument, much like Myka Nine did on Freestyle Fellowship’s ”Mary.” “90s Babies” reminds the listener just how diverse the tastes of her generation are. On the final track of the newest EP,”See the Light” she reminds her lover that no one can put with them like she does. Overall, both EPs prove just how talented this songstress is and I cannot wait to see what she does with a long player.

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