The Blueprint 3 Outtakes – Alex Goose

Maan, gotta love Twitter!
“In the spring of 2009, an A&R affiliated with the Roc got in contact with me. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to submit various tracks for Jay-Z’s long awaited “Blueprint 3″ album. Unfortunately. none of them made the final cut. After letting people hear what I sent Hova (including people who know him), they all suggested I release them for the public to hear. This is what the Blueprint 3 could have been…” – Alex Goose
I’m still listening to these tracks as we speak, and Yes, I am loving it; and for the most part feeling it more than a lot of the tracks that made the album. I have a copy of American Gangster refixed over Marvin Gaye’s tracks [Brooklyn Soul], which I thought was better than the original. We recently dropped The Blueprint over Dilla’s beats [courtesy of Blind I]… I wonder how long it’s gonna take for someone to lay some of the BP3’s tracks over these. Free Download will be available @ the site on 9-15-09, that’s a few hrs away… so come thru later/tomorrow for the link people!

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