Skoolwerk Apparel x DJ Rahdu – Sun-Ra T-Shirt & Mix

The inspiration:
Born and raised in my city, Sun Ra is a constant muse and musical icon whose philosophy included thinking outside of the box and not being confined to another’s ideas. Coupled with the increase of albums being hailed as classics or failures within hours of release I imagined a musical listening society that allowed an album a reasonable incubation period before bestowing a designation.

This Listening Society would serve as a means to discuss music and share ideas with like-minded individuals IN PERSON. Think book club, but instead of discussing a literary work, we would chat about an album in that fashion. In a time when everyone is so quick to rate and judge an album, I felt a need to return to an era when an album was properly digested and discussed before it received a dubious distinction based primarily on groupthink. Music is subjective, of course, so no one is right or wrong but it’s always fun to dialogue.

T shirts are available HERE in an assortment of flavors


Mecca:83 – CheckItOut
The Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa (Tom Caruana Remix)
Yesterday’s New Quintet – Inner City Blues
Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble – Cut Out The Lights
fLako – Druff
The Midnight Hour Dace – Un Moment D’errance ft Laetitia Sadier; ?uestlove
Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Smokeless Highs
Nikitch & Kuna Maze – Jazz & Shit
Ozay Moore – Doin It
Thundercat – 200 TB ft Austin Peralta
The Internet – Come Over
DJ Jazzy Jeff – ItsJuneAlready Interlude
Jackson 5 – We’re Almost There (DJ Spinna Remix)
Tall Black guy – O Fim da Viagem
Mark de Clive Lowe – Interlude 2
Blueprint – Night Writers ft Slug & Wordsworth
Blue Lab Beats – Intro ft Sheldon Agwu; Yelfris Valdes
Teebs – Double Fifths
Mtume – Theme (For The People) (Opening)
Parliament – All In
Bosq – Feel It

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