Nicholas Howard – The Living Room Sessions [Download]

A great while back, I dropped Nicholas Howard‘s track

What If I’ve Shown You It All

and all it’s funky horn arrangement and toe tap groove into a Loose Joints post, as it’s been in my rotation for the last couple of years. So when he sent me his latest EP, “The Living Room Sessions“, I hesitated not in hitting play and was greeted with four tracks that a showed a marked growth in songwriting and vocal technique from the Jackson Heights native.

Hello Lover

Taking it down a few notches from the full-on production featured on his last well received effort, God Is In The City, this time around Howard strips his normally eclectic sound down to just his vocals and the piano he plays for accompaniment, doing himself a great service with the outcome. The less-is-more approach on this outing allows the listener to really focus more on the black and ivory melodies, coupled with the warm timbre of Nicholas‘ vocals in standout tracks like

Curious Creature

Like what you hear? Then pick up the rest of The Living Room Sessions for the small donation of your email address over HERE and make sure to use the links below to get connected.

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