Lindsey Webster – Open Up

I am always in search of new voices, as many artists these days don’t have “that Truth,” which only singers of days past could only bring. Our site is usually one of the first ones to bring light to who they are, but to say it is easy to find would be a lie. Case and point, I have heard Lindsey Webster’s songs throughout the years, not knowing who she was, then I saw her on an episode of Daryl Hall’s show,” Daryl’s House” and found out exactly who she was. My mind was blown by her sultry voice. A siren of the first caliber, her voice goes down smooth like a shot of Maker’s Mark, very much reminiscent of Anita Baker. She has a new album coming out on 7/17, and has been steady releasing tracks on her Soundcloud. In fact, even releasing a new single off the album, “Open Up,” where she is backed by a live band, including piano and horns. It possesses such an earthy and rich tone, flowing over your eardrums like a lullaby, that it makes one imagine her performing this exact song at the Blue Note in NYC. It is just right for a lazy Sunday afternoon, sit back and enjoy.

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