FYI on two tracks from minimix

When I first heard 9th Wonder’s instrumental, I initially thought he chopped up Bobby Womack’s “How Could You Break My Heart.” Listening closely, I realized that it was Vicki Anderson’s “You’re Welcome, Stop on by.” I learned later, though, that this version is a cover of the Bobby Womack song of the same name. Another interesting tidbit about “You’re Welcome” is that Vicki Anderson and Bobby Byrd(R.I.P.) are married and have a child who is a recording artist, Carleen Anderson. Both Byrd and Anderson were collaborators & vocalists in James Brown’s(R.I.P.) camp, creating many songs that would be sampled by hip hop artists including Anderson’s “The Message from the Soul Sisters” and Byrd’s “I Know You Got Soul.”

Bobby Womack – How Could You Break My Heart


The DJ Babu cut, “Dee on”, samples none other than Dionne Warwick (yes, Whitney Houston’s aunt). The gem that was selected, “You’re Gonna Need Me,” from her 1973 album, Just Being Myself, was also sampled by J Dilla(R.I.P.) and released on his posthumous album, Donuts, as “Stop.”

Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me

J Dilla – Stop
Just a little FYI
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