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This episode of Some Jazz begins with a segment of a Dizzy Gillespie interview I discovered yesterday which added more rationale to a social media status I happened to read this week. I’m sorry, I cant recall who wrote the status or which platform it appeared on but the status advocated for piano being taught in schools to provide a firm foundation for budding musicians of all genres. I’m not a musician, so I don’t know why the status stuck with me, but hearing Diz speak on its benefits days later was like a confirmation of sorts. Maybe one day I’ll learn piano.

Diz is considered one of the greatest trumpet players of all time, and an innovator of the genre as well as quite the jokester. In ’63 he began a “tongue in cheek” campaign to run for president, with his platform built on bringing attention to the Civil Rights Bill which eventually passed the following year. His campaign buttons, bearing the slogan, “Dizzy Gillespie For President” were created by his booking agency as a gimmick. However, the proceeds from the sale of the buttons went to CORE, SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and are now collector’s items.

Enjoy my latest jazz compilation and illustration this Memorial Day! Blast at the cookout and on your commutes for an hour of some of the illest jazz sounds you’ll partake of today. You know I had to get some afro-cuban in there for Diz, RIH

Diz Speaks
Tiago Frugoli Ensemble – De Casa
Hackney Colliery Band – Netsanet ft Mulatu Astatke
melodiesinfonie – AO Longo Do Rio
14KT – An Empty Vessel ft Rasheeda Ali
Michel Camilo – Mano a Mano
Jared Pauley – I’ll Sing You This Melody
Krzysztof Dziedzic – Vagabonde
Teotima – Cracks
Tommaso Cappellato – Take-Off Land
Wanubale – Noto
Luis Gonzalez Y Su Orquestra – Yo No Soy Un Angel
Vivian Sessoms – Sa Ra
Theo Croker – Portrait of William
Joe Armon -Jones & Maxwell – Midnite Oil (Sparkzzz)

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