Diggs Duke – Showcase (free download)


I was perusing my numerous music sources, and was delighted by a 4-track set presented by Washington, DC-based, Diggs Duke entitled, “Showcase”.  You might just want to get a hold of these free downloads before they are gone.  A mixture of his dope vocals and his musicianship, “Showcase” is artful and jazzy, as it is creative and soulful.  “Chalumeau” is a oboe/clarinet composition with movements much like a classical piece written by George Gershwin; while “Green Dolphin Street” is a beautiful adaptation of the theme song for a 1947 film of  the same title.  Below are the last two tracks in the set available for free download HERE.  Of course, you can listen below and pick your poison.

Diggs Duke – Chalumeau

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