AB+L Coming to Birmingham!

I got a chance to squeeze in a few questions with Jabari Graham, founder of the multimedia show that’s blowing up spots everywhere, Art Beats + Lyrics-Urban Arts Exhibition, coming to Birmingham next month..

(JS)Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us a quick heads up on the long awaited Art Beats+Lyrics show coming to Birmingham in March.
First off, tell the Bamalovesoul massive who you are and what you do..
(JG) My name is Jabari Graham..i’m the founder of art, beats + lyrics…i produce ab+l along w my partner dubelyoo, powered by Jack Daniel’s and a whole lot of other people who help make ab+l come to life.

For those that don’t know, what IS Art Beats + Lyrics?

Jack Daniel’s AB+L is an urban art exhibit that highlights urban visual artists..mainly with a concentration on southern visual artist…there is also graffiti inspired artwork, photography + dope installations. we fuse the art with djing, live music and breakdancing…so in a way this exhibit highlights the 5 elements of hip hop.

How long have you been hosting Art Beats + Lyrics?

Ive been doing AB+L for 5 years…what encourage me was being laid off…it was either look for a job or create a job, so i took a risk.

When is it coming to Birmingham?

March 20th at Workplay

What can we expect from an AB+L show?

well you can expect to not be charged to attend ab+l and also drink for free; featuring all Jack Daniel’s products…For a better visual here is the exhibit in st. louis: http://vimeo.com/2554364

What’s coming up next for the show?

The next city is Charlotte..then we are looking to expand in other markets: Miami, Philly, NYC, DC and more…check out the website for more info: www.artbeatsandlyrics.com

thx for the interview!!!

Thank you Jabari and Birmingham is looking forward to the show!
This interview was conducted via email and blackberry and posted in its original, unedited form.

Check out AB+L in St. Louis below.
AB+L in STL from jabari g on Vimeo.

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