Nao – Golden

I first heard of this London based singer on a few mixtapes that had been floating between my car, my Iphone and my computer, and was instantly drawn to her syrupy vocals each and every time. Her vocal stylings are very much reminiscent of Coko of SWV fame in some respects but at times harkens Keisha Spivey of Total’s inflections and also at the same time draws inspiration from her fellow European neighbor, Duffy. The first track I was drawn to her was the utterly infectious “Adore You”, which reminds you of the rise of Neo Soul’s power duets throughout the 90s. She is back with a new track” Golden”, which is just as catchy and feel good as most of her songs. It pulls you in the groove with some funky bass guitar playing and then Nao drops her melodically seductive voice all over the song.  I feel duped for not knowing who she was before I first heard “Adore You”. Her new EP, February is out now on Itunes. Go cop it and be prepared for an eargasm.

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Posted by Pharoah Miles