Robert Glasper – Dilla*Shine feat Zynzelay

Robert Glasper – Dilla*Shine feat Zynzelay

Everyone knows the genius that is Robert Glasper and his crew. What I didnt know is that he had an Outake Compilation that was coming soon. This is gona be dope, I’m sure. Need proof? Just hit play below and get lifted as Zynzelay makes your soul smile as she adds her vocals to Dilla*Shine. For those who have never seen Robert glasper LIVE, we’ve also included some pix from his latest ATL show. Thank us in the comments section

zynzelay – vocals/lyric
chris dave – drums
casey benjamin – saxophone + vocoder
derrick hodge — bass
robert glasper — piano + rhodes

vocals recorded/mixed by charlton williams for miami beat wave

recorded may 2010

Robert Glasper – Dilla*Shine feat Zynzelay (Download) 

Originally posted June 15, 2010

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  1. Hey hey, this sounds strikingly familiar to “Hello World” from Dice Raw’s “Pregunta”, a tribute to Dilla he did with ?uestlove. Chill.

  2. my favourite future jazz artist on the piano I hope he comes in Italy very soon wicked track… i love it

  3. Beautiful Track!!

  4. Hey Yaw ;-) A as my girl Julie Dexter would say…*firstly*…A most heartfelt thank you for taking the time to listen.

    @Malik: Good ear. This song is mos def what I’d call a “Dilla” standard. He first used it for Busta’s “Show Me What You Got.” Our old friendsThe Roots have a version. But…the original is a StereoLab tune. Yet another thing we love about the beautiful soul his mother named Mr. James Yancey. My best inspiration.

  5. Thanks for the joint and for coming through and dropping gems. Much appreciated!

  6. Thank you, Bruh. I appreciate your support.

  7. good work zenzi!

  8. The beauty of this track damn near puts a tear in my eye. I got it on repeat.

  9. it’s perfect

  10. Wow, I needed that!

    Beautiful in every way, thank you for posting this!

    – TOLA

  11. I give thanks to each, and every one of you…
    Thank you for receiving my song. ox~*<3

  12. beautiful, beautiful work, zenzi!! ummm…i don’t recall even KNOWING that you were a vocalist!! how did i miss this??!! ;)
    keep keepin’ on, pretty lady. your voice is like syrup. ;)

  13. @joi …goddess. what can i say? …your support means so very much to me. please contact inga and get my phone number and call me. i’ll be in atl soon and would love to sit at your feet. i need your wisdom. i love you so much. always have. esp…miss keypsia ;-)

  14. This song got me started this morning. It’s nothing like waking up on summer morning and getting some great music. Zynzelay your voice is so soothing but at the same time rhythmic, so I can dance or go to sleep to this track


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