Here is the last installment in our Common remix series and it’s very fitting that the majority of the songs included, and even the artwork comes from our readers. As before, we just want to thank you for your patronage and enthusiasm for the site and promise to bless y’all with the exceptional dopeness! Artwork by GoldiGold

Common – I Used To Love HER (DJ Robinson Remix)
Common – The 6th Sense (Nodzilla Remix)
Common – Dooinit (Guzl Remix)
Common – Resurrection (Zo! Remix)
Common – I Used To Love HER (Skipless Remix)
Common; The Last Poets – The Corner (Ninety Degrees Mix)
Common – The Light (DJ Robinson Remix)
Common – Dooinit (Sauce Fonda Remix)
Common – 1999 (I’m Ready SoFoReal Remix)
Common; The Last Poets – The Corner (Dru Carter Remix)

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  1. Guzl

    December 23, 2011 (21:31)

    I was honored to be part of this project. Big ups to all the producers who did the damn thing! I’ve got all 3 volumes in rotation on my iPod!

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