BamaLoveSoul Presents Lost Tapes by The Tall Black Guy

BamaLoveSoul Presents Lost Tapes by The Tall Black Guy

One of the only ways to have escaped hearing of producer Tall Black Guy in 2011 is to be hidden under a massive pile of rocks! This talented producer has spent his time releasing countless original compositions and remixes that have caught the ear of numerous tastemakers including UK’s chief selector, Gilles Peterson. In September his remix of Fela Kuti’s Water No Get Enemyappeared on Peterson’s acclaimed Brownswood Bubblers compilation, which helped to truly spread his name to the far corners of the Earth.

To make sure the cave dwellers get up to speed, Tall Black Guy has decided to release some of his earlier works, remixes and lesser known tracks mixed by DJ Rahdu! Check out the mix HERE, peep more of his work HERE, and grab the download by clicking the tracklisting artwork



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  1. First and foremost super dope site, my wife actually came across it and shared her find, I’ve been hooked for 2 weeks now!
    Tall Black Guy is a genuis, been a fan since he made the first Pathfinders LP & first 80s Babies LP!
    Good ish!!

  2. Dope.

  3. Very intriguing, just wanted to check to see if this could be re-uploaded as I would love to have this for the drive home. Much respect.

  4. Thanks for this Tall Black Guy is the dopest…I def Support good music

  5. This is dope and thanks from this tall black guy. I love great music! #Amazing

  6. This is some inspiring stuff, Dope jams #Amazing

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