Presents Still Jill (The Remixes) Presents Still Jill (The Remixes)

We noticed that our readers are really hungry for the Jill Scott remixes! Well, we could think of no better way to end the year than to share some of the previously posted Jill Scott remixes that we didn’t share as well as a few other treats. I also decided to compile a few Jill Scott house remixes to share with you HERE.
Thanks for a great 2011 and we ca’t wait to continue Decreasing Your HardDrive Space in 2012! Enjoy!
Download Still Jill

Crown Royal (Simon S Remix)
A Long Walk (Madlib Remix)
Golden (Zo! Remix)
Slowly Surely (Geology Remix)
Golden (Rotary Connected Remix)
Gettin in the Way (MJ Cole Remix)

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  1. I really appreciate this blog. I just can’t seem to get to some the downloads. Is it something I’m doing wrong?

  2. The files you are looking to download are more than likely, not available anymore.

  3. damn! can’t download. This is some HOT STUFF

  4. Can you re-upload this pleeease?!
    keep up the good work!


  5. Could anyone upload this one again, please?

    I’m looking for that Simon S remix you have on this as well.

    Best wishes.

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