Elle Pierre – Nele

The first time I heard about Elle Pierre, it was incidentally from an ex-girlfriend who shared similar musical tastes. She had gone to a set that Elle did at Pianos in New York, and told me she had seen “her new musical obsession”. I did not think anything of what she said, then I heard a song she did with Scienze shouting my old stomping grounds:”Southside, Queens” and wanted to see for myself just how she was on a record by herself. She is definitely something out of this world. Her first EP, “Nele” “is an excellent showcase of this sister’s many eclectic tastes. On the very first song, “Mary”, she exalts all the many benefits of that sticky green that allows one to escape into their own space. On “Greener”, her vocals overcome the listener like a wave over a swimmer, and compel the said lover in this song to rest assured in their choice, as she says in the lyrics: ”Let me grip the earth through your eyes /Lay your head, rest your soul /everything is under control /Promise you I’ll be good”. On ”Bewitched”, she definitely casts a spell on the listener and describes that part of attraction where one, inevitably, becomes whipped. The last track, “Arrow”, is a power ballad, which inferior songwriters/singers would have used to impress upon a tired adage like everlasting love. Instead, Elle Pierre makes the most of this opportunity, to deliver a message about a higher love, self-love. Overall, an outstanding beginning for this wunderkind from California.

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Posted by Pharoah Miles