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“…And then I played my old sh!t, it went something like this!” – Eazy E

As we prepare for the release of On Deck, I decided to listen to some of our earlier projects. While doing so, I compiled some of the gems from these releases so that our new friends can be brought up to speed on what BamaLoveSoul has been up to from inception to present. We’ve also provided links to these projects to reduce search time. Download HERE and njoy!

1. I Mean War – BamaLoveSoul Intro | The Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1
2. Shaheed; Angela King – Beautiful Black Ethiopian Skin | The Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1
3. Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Sam Champ Remix) | Sam Champ Remixes
4. Diggs Duke – The Cure | Black Gold
5. Tony Ozier – Amel & Sky | Beats Galore Vol.1
6. Dru Carter – Ivy Crew | Dirty Digits
7. Illastrate; AmDex; Boog Brown – It’s Fine | a funky situation [the remixes]
8. A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again (J Finesse Remix) | Parts of the Whole EP
9. Tall Black Guy – She Too Nice/Blastmatazz feat Shaheed | a funky situation [the remixes]
10. Jay Dee – Pause (Funky Last Minute Remix) | The Pause Remix Suite
11. Jay Dee – Pause (Aeon’s Yacht in Beliz Remix) | The Pause Remix Suite
12. D’angelo – Left & RIght (sam Champ remix) | Sam Cham Remixes
13. Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Supreme Remix) | The Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1
14. Jaylib – The Mission (The O Remix) | The O Remix: Dilla Edition
15. Tony Ozier – Zane’s Slap | Beats Galore Vol.1
16. Jaafar – Everytime (Electric Soul Remix) | The Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1
17. Byron the Aquarius – The Wicked | a funky situation [the remixes]

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