Black Star (Mos Def x Talib Kweli) – This Winter (Unreleased 2001 album)

So, there I was perusing the October 2000 Source magazine when I saw something that made me do a double take. Right there in print was something that I know anyone who has ever considered themselves a backpacker has been waiting on since the first Black Star album was released in ’98. I stopped, breathed and noticed that this group’s album was being released on MCA and we all know Black Star was on Rawkus. I found out later that Rawkus signed a joint venture deal with MCA, so this was indeed the real deal.
Nevertheless, I was just surprised to see it in print because we all know the deal; There has not, to this point, been a subsequent Black Star album. However, a snippet of a Madlib produced track has ignited new fervor for a sophomore album from the duo. We just have to wait and see!
Click pic for larger image which includes the unreleased ad for Black Thought’s album as well

Peep Black Star’s 2001 Money Jungle with Ron Carter and John Patton from the  Red Hot + Indigo fundraising album

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