BamaLoveSoul Presents Y’all Feel That?: Erykah Badu Remixes, Flips & Covers

It’s no surprise that this Southern Girl has continued to mystify and amaze us 15 years after the release of her genre busting debut album Baduizm. Not only is she unique, she has continued to push the boundaries on each of her subsequent releases. Closely aligned, it seems, with every musician that matters (she was a core member of the Soulquarians for crying out loud!) she’s always able to create songs that either confirm or confound your musical sensibilities. For this reason, amongst many others, we love the Analogue Girl!

Alas, there are those that feel they can perfect what Badu has done in the studio or just want to add their personal spin to her musical offerings, heck, some have even been commisioned; It’s these remixes, flips and covers that  fuel this mix. Y’all Feel That is a collection of some of our favorite tricked out treats, lovingly mixed and offered to you and your mp3 players. Download HERE and enjoy!


1. My Morning Jacket – Tyrone
2. The Electric – Didn’t Cha Know feat Add2, Qwazaar, Wes Restless & Yarah Bravo
3. Jesse Boykins III – Mystery of Iniquity (BaduBoykinsHill)
4. Durand Bernarr – Flipside of the Game
5. Erykah Badu – Love of My Life (Shelltoes Remix)
6. Erykah Badu – Love of My Life (Kaytradamus Remix)
7. Erykah Badu – Real Thang (maTic’s cold crush remix)
8. Erykah Badu – Window Seat (The O Remix)
9. Erykah Badu – Southern Gul (Nonagon Remix)
10. Mark Ronson – A La Modeliste (Bonobo Remix) feat Erykah Badu
11. Melo-X – Gone Baby feat Paul McCartney & Erykah Badu
12. Collette – Orange Moon
13. Erykah Badu – Honey (Lawrence Wiggins Remix)
14. Show Tufli – Stand Out Girl
15. Erykah Badu – I Want You (Rancido’s Deepersoul Edit)
16. Erykah Badu – On & On (Kero One Remix)
17. Erykah Badu – Soldier (Sam Champ Remix)
18. Erykah Badu – Telephone (Freddie Joachim Remix)
19. 9th Wonder – 20 Feet Tall feat Erykah Badu & Rapsody
20. Erykah Badu – 20 Feet Tall (Yoruba Soul Remix)
21. Erykah Badu – Honey (Glenn Underground Remix)
22. Eryah Badu – Back in the Day (Chopped & Screwed)
23. Vlooper – The Healer feat Modlee
24. Erykah Badu – Bag Lady (J Finesse Remix)

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  • Perfect way to start the week…got my Monday right! thank you for this!

  • Shell

    Really feelin’ these remixes, cover and flips. Love E. Badu and this is just icin’ on the cake.

    thanks for the covers!!!!!!!!!

  • Maaan yes! Perfect soundtrack for this work day, making all these to-do’s go by fast. Respect.

  • Tungz

    HOTNESS!!!! Now where is the downloadable version?!?!? I need this in my life!!!!

  • izumskee

    please, tell me how can i download this mixtape?

  • soofire

    Hi Guys , how do I download this?

  • soofire

    guys found it here…Thanks bamalovesoul…

  • Sarah Gaby

    Ficou totalmente dançante, para ouvir, curtir, repetir diversas vezes!!!!!!!! Amei!

  • It was totally danceable, to listen, enjoy, repeat several times!!! Loved it!

  • Just ME

    I heart E. Badu for all that she has done….and I heart BamaluvsSoul for these remixes!!

  • J

    I know I’m late on this, but any way we can get a live link for d/l? LOVE the mix so much!

  • obari cartman

    i need this in my life, the podcast said it reached its download limit. im sad.

  • Gary

    Hello Bama Love Soul, I am in the process of making a Deep, Soulful, Afro House CD and I would like to know where I can purchase a copy of “Erykah Badu – 20 Feet Tall (Yoruba Soul Remix)” Thanks in advance and have a great day :-)

  • Shawny

    I’ve been listening to this mixtape since its been posted in May, I love the WHOLE entire project, BUT, I must say that Southern Gul (Nonagon Remix) has got to be the hottest remix of that song that I’ve ever heard….Kudos!

  • shellyjackson

    hey i need this download, cant get it off podomatic

  • Some of the DOPEST covers I’ve heard in a while.

  • Thanks!

  • Get it at

  • Kinduizm

    Dope cover!!! Who did the art work for the afro flick?

  • mo

    im in heaven