BamaLoveSoul presents [some] jazz 5

[some] jazz 5 finds us showing the range of a lot of the new artists on the scene. Yatha Bhuta (Onra x Buddy Sativa) have released one of my favorite projects this year with their forthcoming album and their avante garde approach to the genre.
An interesting musical development has been Hip Hop producers (Medline, K-Def, Headnodic) replaying jazz or completely constructing new tunes from the ground up. Their passion for the music is well portrayed in their releases so make sure you check them out!

Kendrick Scott Oracle – Cycling Through Reality
Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo – Dark Karma
Demian – Out of Green Ink
Clarence Peters – Born & Shake
Alex Mllsted – Kaleidoscope
Headnodic – Blue in Green
Lucas Arruda – Batuque
The Sign of Four – Mirage
K-Def – Street Jazz
Medline – Black Narcissus
Rachel Eckroth – Gold
Ross McHenry Group – Intercosmos

artwork by zeruch

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • Milton Duggins Jr.

    I know I’m late on this, but could you send a download link for this installment of (some) jazz?

  • Hey, thanks for the mix (and the use of one of my images, properly attribute – which is always appreciated).

    Pretty much all the cuts are solid…especially Demian and Headnotic.