BamaLoveSoul Presents Ladies First Vol. 4 (Download)

If you’ve been following along for the past few months, you’ll already know what this is about and how it will change your outlook for the week.

If you’re not familiar, get into the past three offerings of this series and then come back to this one, as the artists it features are from a wider spectrum this time around due to extensive scouring of the Innanet for lesser known artistic ladies with a unique sound. All that extra work should make this volume the most diverse set we’ve put together so far if not the smoothest as well.

Hit play to judge for yourself, then grab the download and tell us what you think in the comments.

BamaLoveSoul Presents Ladies First Vol. 4
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Posted by SquarerootZ

  • Outstanding voices, as usual.

  • michael williams

    I have been a follower of your website for years and you have opened my eyes to many different artist . I just think that on these compilations you put out would like to support the artst by buying the tracks if possible

  • Is there playlist available?

  • SquarerootZ


    01. Fatima – Technology
    02. Zara McFarlane – Mama Done
    03. Nikki Grier – Higher
    04. Giovanca – How Does It Feel
    05. Aaradhna – Burned It Up
    06. Laura Welsh – Unravel
    07. Ayo – Life Is Real
    08. Erykah Badu – On & On [Stimulated Remix]
    09. Carolyn Malachi – Fall Winter Spring Summer
    10. Gwen Bunn – Hold That Thought
    11. Taylor Jackson – Downstream
    12. ORLY – It’s Alright
    13. Malvina Lacerda – Bué [Lucas Arruda Remix]
    14. Marie Dahlstrøm – Something Like Nice
    15. DFlower – Epyptian Musk
    16. Lizbet Sempa – On These Hills

  • Super. THX

  • Sierra H.

    I can neva get the downloadin right on hea..,cant download on soundcloud, mixcloud and the actual “download” button takes me somewhere else..,why cant it be so simple BLS?!?!? lol

  • Loving this celebration of my sisters. Thanks for the journey!

  • SquarerootZ

    Just tried the actual download link. Seems to be working just fine. Are you right clicking it and then clicking “Save As”? Are you downloading from a smartphone?

  • CCG

    THANK YOU for gifting us with this mix, and; THANK YOU even more for the Tracklist!!!