presents Covers 6

Covers 6 once again contains jazzy recreations of some of your past and present favorites. In addition, Durand Bernarr provides his unique flair on Rae Sremmurd’s Throw Su Mo while we wait for a his next proper release and Joyce Wrice pays tribute to our favorite producer in common, Devante Swing. Slap on the headphones, press play and cover up with these musical goodies

 MC2AM2Apple2Right Click and Save As

Lauren Desberg – U Remind Me
Zebrahim – Zoology (When We Get By)
Dawn Pemberton – I Cant Go For That
Vijay Iyer – Human Nature
Reva Devito – Sweetest Taboo
Sly5thAve & The ClubCasa Chamber Orchestra – Uptown Funk Extended Mix
Phony PPL – You Rock My World
DJ Harrison – The Official
Durand Bernarr – Throw Sum Mo’
Jarrod Lawson – When Will You Call Chance Hayden & Farnell Newton
Philippe Edison – Lil Dragon
Joyce Wrice – Devante Swing

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  • Hamza21

    96 kbps file? No music file should be below 192 kbps. 96 kbps are only for spoken audio podcasts not music. I do not understand the logic of offering such a low quality audio. The bitrate is so low that all the emotion, vibe and specialness of the music is lost. It’s basically a worthless file. How can site dedicated to music offer such garbage audio?

  • First and foremost, we would like to say Thank you for visiting the site and wanting to download the compilations that we provide. We appreciate your time and choice to be here. Second, we provide so many podcasts that we decrease our harddrive space as well so in order to counteract this (and for others) we upload a smaller file. With that being said, in the future, if you would like a larger, high quality file, all you have to do is ask. You dont have to browbeat to get what you would like. Honey vs Vinegar Hamza

  • If you want a larger, higher quality file all you have to do is ask. Honey vs Vinegar Hamza

  • roymzw1

    @bamalovesoul:disqus please pass me a link with a higher quality file, thanks!

  • You seem to miss the point of my comment. Although a higher quality file would be appreciated, why offer such a low quality audio in the first place? I do not see any rational reason to do so. Space is not a hindrance as there are many third party sites that offer GBs of space for free (OneDrive,Mega,Box,etc). So I am utterly dismayed and confused why you continue to offer to download a worthless file when you made the extra effort to upload to four different sites!

    Thus you expect and desire others to appreciate the artists work in “Covers 6” by exposing it on different sites (Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Audiomack, Itunes) but offer such low quality audio that distinguishes nearly all sound dynamics of songs? Can’t you see how your action contradicts the purpose of the action. How can anyone listen to such horrible audio and appreciate it?