Aquilo – Better Off Without You

I first heard of these cats while watching a TV show, and this exact song came on during a scene. I thought this song was so funky; I had to rewind to the beginning of the scene, and use my Sound Hound app, just to find out who they are. Aquilo are a musical duo from Silverdale England, whose music definitely has some pop sensibilities to it, but the love of soul music is what bursts through is what gravitated me towards their sound. The song pulls you back into a time, mid 80s, early 90s, where soul music was invading our shores from the other side of the pond, England. This song, with its silky cinematic sound and smooth saxophone, has so much feeling and pain in it; you can feel the angst in the loss and the relief of letting go, as the duo’s vocals prove more than a match for what they were aiming for. A listen you will not regret.

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Posted by Pharoah Miles