Compiled by DJ Rahdu, On Deck became an international sucess, granting many stateside artists an international audience and vice versa.  Featuring Byron the Aquarius, Tall Black Guy, Freddie Joachim, Soia & more!

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For On Deck 2, wading through a wealth of new material submitted specifically for his new project, Rahdu selected twelve brand new tracks, created by tomorrow’s found generation...

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On its way to becoming another much-loved series in the tradition of Stop and Listen, the Spectrum compilations, or perhaps more aptly Kon & Amir’s Off Track sets all from BBE, On Deck has been a music-format manifestation of the Birmingham, Alabama-based website BamaLoveSoul for the past couple of years.

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This compilation shows you what soulful music is all about, different genres yes, but still soulful and made on purpose or not I think that most tracks have  the same vibe. And I discovered great new voices like Soia or Xolisa, this  compilation was made for the summer.

I’ve known DJ Rahdu for a while and his ear for identifying quality musical  gems is uncanny. If you don’t believe me, just check his website
Bamalovesoul.com. His first official release “On Deck” doesn’t disappoint.  This musical collage has honest, soulful music from some of the best artists on the scene. Do yourself a favor and purchase this release right away! You can thank me later ;) 

I love this CD

Streetsoul Streetsoul

...your work is like a medley between elegant funk and soul sounds and smart electronic sounds with a good touch of hh and jazzy sounds. Is the perfect combination to taste with a frozen cocktail made by rum, lime and a good touch of sinamon and take it in a sea sunset :) 

Ace line up and very interesting project givingeven more strength to the BamaLoveSoul project. More of that!

This is futuristic stuff, but also very classic at the same time. This is track is from the BamaLoveSoul 's Compilation called "ON DECK" released 3 days ago (26th May)!!! Please CHECK that out Mez went crazy on this prod;
For those who don't know BamaLoveSoul, this is a famous blog / site about nu soul, jazz, music, maybe the most famous blog about "our" music

BamaLoveSoul returns with another hefty dose of future funk and r&b, releasing the collective’s the latest installment of their On Deck compilation series for you forward-minded music men and women to get with. This year’s outing rallies contributions from OKP favorites like Columbia Nights, Rob Milton, Chris Turner and a slew of new faces and talents that will surely end up on our radar after a thorough listening session.

Derek Anderson Derek's Music Blog

The music on Bama LoveSoul Presents On Deck 3 is funky, jazz tinged and soulful. It’s also dreamy, ethereal, heartfelt, hypnotic, laid-back, lysergic and sometimes, futuristic. Importantly, the music on Bama LoveSoul Presents On Deck 3 is also groundbreaking.

The album offers all kinds of everything. There is plenty of neo-soul, of course; that's where Rahdu started off and amongst the best offerings here is 'Not Enough' from Renee Dixon. Conscious hip-hop... try 'Alive' from Waju and Garimastah Featuring Muc J – a gentle insinuating piece that might even please the committed anti-hip-hop brigade.