Late Pass #99: Erykah Badu – Today (Earth Song)

Back in 2001, when Neo-Soul was in vogue, popular brands attached themselves to the genre and even commissioned albums featuring it’s biggest artists. Enter Red Star Sounds Vol 1, Heineken’s hat in the ring, a tour de force featuring choice cuts by Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, India.Arie and more. One of my favorite picks, and one I used to spin when people wanted to dress up, go out and relax, was Badu’s Today. Find Badu in transition, before the Analogue Girl began to stretch out on later albums with a track as sweet in composition as it is in lyrics. Heard it before? Rewind & Reminisce. First time peeping it? Soak up the sounds and take a deep breath, close your eyes and say a little prayer for the sun to rise… today

Erykah Badu – Today (Earth Song)

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