Green Lantern - Jazz Dream

Green Lantern’s Jazz Dreams is the perfect album for jazz lovers seeking to learn the connection between Jazz & Hip Hop, Hip Hop lovers seeking to learn more about the building blocks of Hip Hop and any openminded listener foraging into the ever changing enigma that is Jazz. My first time ever checking out Green Lantern was a Jazz mix he DJed on a Twitch stream. I knew his name but never listened to a mixtape or mix of his, and was pleasently surprised with the gems he pulled out that day. Coincidentally, I was DJing a Twitch Stream and someone told me about Jazz Dreams and I knew it would be special. I pressed play and was not disappointed. Additionally, I was pleased to see the Amber Navran (Moonchild) x Daniel Crawford ‘s cover (2 versions actually) of KRS-1’s Step into a World finally see the light of day. JazzDreams is 19 tracks total, and I’m unsure about the run time, but it’s presently on it’s 2nd of, I’m sure, many plays for this Jazz-Hop lover.