The subject is jazz! Heilbronn DJ, Producer and MC Dexter of the Wortsport collective is taking an new look at the long going love affair between hip-hop and jazz. From Stetsasonic to Gang Starr to Madlib, it is not an easy path to follow, but the 26 year old producer is adding a new and fresh style to it. By implanting quotes an samples from interviews and tv shows such as the classic NBC program “The Subject Is Jazz”, Dexter is telling his own little story of jazz. One that had it’s starting point in the massive record collection of his father and grew into shape during a long hot summer blasting nothing but Ahmad Jamal and Sun Ra. ‘The Future’ is a nice introduction to the journey that he wants us to take and I’m sure it will be a nice ride. ‘Hi Hat Club, Vol. 3 (The Jazz Files)’ drops in February on Melting Pot Music. Check out Vol. 1 & 2.