Word Is Bond – The Magic Number (Compilation)

BamaLoveSoul will reach 5 years in 2013 and we’ve seen many blogs/sites come and go. We feel it is important to recognize the longevity of our contemporaries, especially when they provide a consistent service like international Hip Hop site Word is Bond.  WIB has reached 3 years in the game and to celebrate they’ve compiled some of their favorite tracks of this year. If you’re like me and complain about being unable to listen to a full album or want to find new Hip Hop artists to listen to, this is for you! Please support these cats by dropping $3 for this comp HERE or by visiting their site. It’s a win/win regardless. Congrats WIB!

[wp_bandcamp_player type=”album” id=”525952876″ size=”grande” bg_color=”#FFFFFF” link_color=”9E8E50″]

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