whosampled.com x DJ Rahdu – Connecting The Dots (D’angelo Original Samples & Covers Mix) | Download

In my ongoing process of cleaning up all of my music in all of its mediums, I found myself playing CD-Rs in my Jeep to determine which were OK to discard.  Kool & The Gang’s Sea of Tranquility begins to play and I’m listening, trying to figure out who did this instrumental cover of D’angelo’s Send It On. (Yeah, right?) I did a Shazam (lol) and when I saw it was K&TG, the idea to do this mix was born (Inspiration is everywhere). I knew a lot of the samples used, but went to whosampled.com to locate any I missed as well as any extra obscure sources. I ended up with just enough for what I thought could be a cool project. The mix quickly turned into a chore amidst the loss of several loved ones and I considered giving this up because I just didn’t have the energy.

While listening to a DJ Premier interview on Hannibal Buress’ Handsome Rambler podcast, Primo begins talking about how D’angelo ended up with the Devil’s Pie beat and I viewed it as a sign to keep going. (Too coincidental to be a coincidence, right?) I persevered, arranged and rearranged the order of songs, & sought interviews and samples I didn’t own before I finally reached out to Chris Read (DJ #1), Head of Content, at whosampled.com and voila. In the end, the mix turned out to be quite therapeutic and I discovered a lot of great tunes in the process.

Thanks to everyone who put up with my grumpiness during this process, and Dewan for listening to the mix in its various manifestations. Shouts out to RonOne, graphic design extraordinaire for the assist on the graphic design! (…even though I did the heavy lifting lol)

I hope you enjoy! – DJ Rahdu
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“For our latest guest mix, DJ Rahdu of the crew of tastemaking soul aficionados ‘Bamalovesoul’ delivers a D’Angelo themed mix. Over three quarters of an hour Rahdu explores D’Angelo’s influences with a mix that joins the dots between tracks the Soulquarian has sampled or covered alongside his own tracks with live versions and interview extracts for added flavor” – whosampled.com

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