Waajeed – Through It All EP

Waajeed’s sense of funk and character ensures an instant warmth and familiarity that can pull a dancefloor together within the first 16 and have them praying for more by the breakdown.

I love that quote and it’s so true! As Jeedo continues to explore and expand his sound, he’s gone from soulful Hip Hop, dirt tech (I’m sure I’m skipping some others) and now we have the dancefloor ready vibes of Through It all. Get Down has a sound I’d liken to the tribal house vibe of Osunlade’s Yoruba Soul, while the title track is a clarion call to get your butt to the middle of wherever you are and submit to the groove. Kingdom is dirty, gritty & haunting, and once it breaks down no one can help you …If you’re scared then say you’re scared. Press play

Waajeed – Kingdom

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