The Ipod Chronicles 001

The Gravediggaz – Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide
When I first saw this video, I was a huge Wu fan and of The Rza in particular. I immediately went and got the cassette (right, cassette). I think before I actually bought it I found out that it was a collection of artists who were previously signed to major labels, most notably Prince Paul and Frukwan from Stetsasonic. This album was good but the second one stayed on repeat in the ride
BONUS: EuGene McDaniels – Jagger the Dagger
I initially heard this song on Tribe Vibes Vol.1 (samples that ATCQ used). I bought the album from Dusty Grooves. When I Heard The Gravediggaz joint, it reminded me of this.
Lou Donaldson – Whoa Making Love?
The dude on the organ is killing it and they sure make it fun to ask if your woman is sleeping around, don’t they?
Ashford & Simpson – Any Street Corner
I ran up on this one in a FUNK compilation. It immediately makes me move
Large Professor – Ijuswannachill
Undeniable! I remember this one from back in the day. I was listening to a DJ Jazzy Jeff mixed CD and heard it and it brought back the memories. This was actually on a project (simply titled The LP) that never saw the light of day. I was able to get my hands on the 12”. Yes!
The Notorious B.I.G. – Dead Wrong
I was in college at this point and really on some music snob isht at this point. I was still an East Coast head and loved Biggie, but don’t know why I couldn’t get into this song. The lyrics were dope. I guess I felt they were dogging Biggie by releasing his lyrics posthumously. I still don’t own the third Biggie album (or any subsequent manifestation).
D’Nell – The Best Way
I bought this one in Chicago from Dusty Groove while I and my wife were there because I was in my friend’s wedding. We drove there from Birmingham so you know it was a long drive. I remember when this one came on because it commanded the head nod, but I was thinking, “This is slow”. 70 BPM, yet this is what they’re dancing to now, though, and slower
Norman Connors – You Are My Starship
I had probably heard this song a million times before (I don’t recall though). I had a friend that worked at Starship Music in Fairfield and she used to hook me up with music. At this point I was heavily into samples and saw this on a Double Album CD that contained Saturday Night Special/You Are My Starship.
Maysa – Never Really Ever
I got the latest album from former Incognito songstress and never listened to it. Don’t know why, probably the bulk of incoming music. When this one came on, I was impressed and have made notes to listen to this album. This is nice, eh, eh?
Marley Marl – Big Faces
This one hit when the BBE producer albums were the ISHT! Marl’s contribution wasn’t anywhere as good as Pete’s or Dilla’s but it had some gems such as this one on it.
Rebirth – This Journey In
This one reminds me of the old Digital-Djs days. DJ Melodic was really into this one. What’s up guys? I still see y’all in Cyberspace. Anybody talked to Saskwatch?
Freddie Hubbard – For Spee’s Sake
Wow, Freddie died today. RIP, all the giants are just dropping. This was from when I first got into jazz and was ordering mad CDs from BMG and Columbia House in bulk, Lol. Freddie Hubbard is the man but I prefer his CTI stuff, which is funkier than his Blue Note offerings.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Blacknuss

Im still learning more about RRK, who was a great pioneer and musician. This song was sampled by Digable on their first album.
Bah Samba – Have You Got Your Bootz On?
I cant recall how I found out about Bah Samba, probably from D-Nice at Moods (Atl.) or from following Phil Asher remixes. This is a funky get your boogie on number with a disco feel, reminiscent of Salsoul Orchestra.
Gil Scott Heron/Brian Jackson featuring The Midnight BandOffering
“First Minute of a New Day” is another one that I own but have never listened to. I like the recurring bell. A bluesy, sexy number that makes me want to check out the rest of it. Putting the album on my ipod now.
Jazz Addix – Say Jazzy
I found out about Jazz Addix from someone else’s playlist. I thought it was a cool name, and hunted down their album Oxygen. This is one of my favorites for the intricate sampling. Can you name where the vocal samples come from?
The Roots – I Remain Calm
When this album first hit, I couldn’t tell which emcee was Malik B and which was Black Thought. I woulda never thought that Malik B would leave. I purchased this album after I heard a girl in my Marketing class in high school get excited about the bonus track with Ursula Rucker. Proceed was released as a single shortly thereafter and 9 albums later I’m still a fan (barely).

The Ipod Chronicles Vol 001

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