Aru-2: That Beat Flow From Tokyo


One of the most genuine aspects that I’ve personally found in music is that it’s an art form that regardless of where you’re from, it can impact you in such a way that it becomes a part of your every day connection to how you relate your personal world – as well as the world itself. It’s been shown repeatedly over time – how music appreciation can effortlessly transition far beyond any gaps of generations and even miles of distance.

We at BamaLoveSoul have found yet another sound example of such a connection. Please allow for us to introduce you to Tokyo’s own Aru-2 & his latest instrumental EP, “Yawning Of Nipponjin”.

Having already partaken in several projects since his 2014 start, “Yawning” really encapsulates his progression from works in the past – perfecting his own signature of instrumental blends and beats. He truly exemplifies his heavy influence of contemporary hip-hop/R&B of the early 90’s era of the U.S. – playfully weaving through snippets and chops from artists ranging from the likes of Redman (“En + Kyo Vibin’”), M.O.P. (Take Off” – co-prod.w/Midori) in hip-hop – all of the way to the influence of TLC (“Girls Talkin’ Is Like Speed”) in R&B.

He then takes you blissfully back to the 80’s with my personal favorite from this release – a wonderful flip to “The Power Of Love” (ie: Stephanie Mills) – even further back into era of the 70’s with the retro-contemporary “Like A Fire” (via George Benson’s “Lady”).

This artist has quite an ear and although I am VERY sensitive about “crate digging”, Aru-2 not only clearly demonstrates that he not only recognizes an infectious sample but can complement, then fuse in a way that he tailors it into his own. I truly respect and appreciate those artists who possess that gift in beat production. The lovers of beat instrumentalists such as Tall Black Guy, 14KT, Freddie Joachim and producers of that fold will find this young talent rather complementary to the liking of their works.

“Nippon” is known as the original term for what we’ve recognized for so many years as his native continent of Japan. It could just so happen to be that Aru-2 entitled this EP by the same name purposefully – as this release may also become the early rising of HIS personal climb unto a larger platform for listeners, who can and will appreciate his artistry around the world.

One thing’s for certain – he’s definitely worth the listen & worth even more of the investment. Spread his music vibe & spread the word about him!

Yawning - Aru-2 Cover


(***Peep this snippet – which tends to meet the ears as if a hallowed homage to the era of “Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill”***)

LIsten to the entire EP via stream &/or support with the links below:

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