Terrace Martin – 3ChordFold (Album Review)

I have been anticipating Terrace Martin’s 3ChordFold for quite some time. The guest features alone (Robert Glasper, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Ab-Soul amongst others) should generate interest on its own. Not to mention that Terrace Martin is an accomplished saxophonist and producer that has collaborated with many big names from Talib Kweli to Stevie Wonder.

A man with such a musical background has the goods to deliver high quality product and this project is absolutely no exception. 3ChordFold is a concept album that tells the story of a man that is intertwined in a love triangle. Without giving too much away, the story “unfolds” quite beautifully and the closest I could compare it to is Foreign Exchange’s Leave It All Behind. The production is clean all the way around. The features hold the album together. Melodic, hypnotic, sensual, passionate, rich, live, and a plethora of other fancy words describe this album. This is hands down the best album of its kind of the year. Jump on this ASAP!

TriangleShip Featuring Kendrick Lamar

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