Suaze – SunRoom Sessions

I am a DJ, curator, (sometimes) blogger and overall music appreciator who is always on the go. I constantly acquire new music and when I’m mobile I listen primarily on my 32 gig iPhone 6s. Its limited space is always one step from bursting at the seams and to prevent this, I usually listen to new music with one finger on the delete button. Unfortunately, many albums contain so much fodder nowadays, it seems artists get paid by how many songs are on the album instead of how long you actually listen. As a result, my “delete song” game is impeccable, I have it down to a rhythm and a science. I’ll have to show you some time.

All that aside, there are many artists that are considerate of their listener’s time and craft their projects accordingly. Enter Suaze and his new instrumental release Sunroom Sessions. If you don’t believe the saying quality over quantity is true, I offer you a six track, eleven minute exhibit that proves this theory handily. The beats, crafted from well chosen samples, seem to expire before complete satisfaction is reached, creating a desire to press rewind and re-listen. The brother even gets his “Solange on,”
providing a video to accompany each beat, how thoughtful!

Grab the release HERE and meet Suaze in person at Birmingham’s legendary Charlemagne records spinning an all vinyl record set March 24 HERE

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