Soul from another Perspective: Rafiya

Today, I received an email from someone by the name of Jimmy Ngokwey. He is apart of 413 Management and asked if I would share his artist’s music with BLS family. Now, usually, with emails like this, I take forever on a decision to even showcase to the public because I mostly showcase music I am up on or someone I know personally has brought to my attention. I have given my fair listen to the Philadelphia-based Afro/Soul singer Rafiyah ( that was said in her bio) and I must say she has a sweet and subtle voice. However, I feel Rafiyah is more Pop/Soul than Afro/Soul. I have not had the chance to listen to an album from Rafiyah but I am able to express my feelings of her single “Amazing“. I think it’s more R&B when it comes to vocal style and lyrics and soulful as far as music composition but that’s my opinion; and all-in-all she is doing a good job being her. I am advised that her Ep Amazing will be released November 17th. I am looking forward to hearing more from her and wish her the best. I would like BLS & Family to check out the track “Amazing” by Rafiyah and post your thoughts.

Rafiyah’s Myspace

Rafiyah’s Youtube

Rafiya- Amazing

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