Shufflin’ BLS iPod V.03 (Compilation)

Tracey Lee; One Step Beyond – Stars in the East
The Jones Girls – Nights over Egypt freaked in a very cool way. You may remember Tracey Lee from his only single, The Theme (It’s Party Time), but do you remember where the phrase,”It’s Working, It’s Working…” comes from?
The Pharcyde – Trust
From the 2000 Plain Rap album. The packaging for this abum was dope, this was the beginning of the end of The ‘Cyde. They’re on tour now so it’s all worked out now or is it
Public Enemy – Public Enemy No.1
Yo Bum Rush the Show. It’s hard to believe this one is 22 years old. Dag!
Lone Catalysts; Venus Malone – The Hustle
I love the hook on this one. iTunes turned up a gem with this one.
Q-Tip – Higher Instrumental
It never ceases to amaze me that once you remove the vocals on a track you may truly unearth a gem and this is no exception.
Quasimoto – Green Power (Original Version)
Madlib in full effect. The subject of this track is so relevant right now
Jay Dee – Bounce
Another dope instrumental!
Haiiro De Rossi – Rachel
3 words: Catchy Japanese Hip-Hop. I’ve caught myself singing this hook, let’s see if you will
J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science; The Rebirth; Aima The Dreamer – Leave it All Behind
What a cast! This is a headnodder & the horns are ridiculous!
Kinny; Souldrop – Queen of Boredness (Diesler Remix)
I love Kinny’s voice!
Stevo – Refracting Telescope
Stevo takes you on a spaced out instrumental headnod journey…
Jazztronik – Real Clothes (Album Mix)
This upbeat number puts me in the mind of a Jamiroquai track. It’s a combinaton of the strings, background vocals and just the overall groove.
Me’Shell N’degeocello – Outside Your Door
This isn’t my favorite Me’Shell track but it’s definitely a classic from her 1993 Plantation Lullabies album
The Ohio Players – Summertime
I wonder how George Gershwin would feel if he heard this version. At almost 7 1/2 minutes long, The Ohio Players completely wreck shop on this one. The trumpet is such a great compliment to this track; Louis Armstrong would be proud…and then they throw the flute at you
Louie Vega – Jungle Fever(ATOJ Remix)
The (original) Chakachas version is still my favorite, but ATOJ (DJ Jazzy Jeff) lounges it out and makes you want to get your martini on.
Minnie Riperton (R.I.P.) – Perfect Angel
The album Perfect Angel is 35 years old and the title track still sounds timeless. You want to thank someone? Thank the arranger: Stevie Wonder
Weldon Irvine (R.I.P.) – Soul Sisters
iTunes on shuffle picked two of the best that are deceased and put them back to back. Close your eyes and let the organ take you there. Thanks Master Wel.
Peter Hadar – Deep in Love
This was one of the first Peter Hadar tracks I ever heard. It’s easy to see how I became a fan, eh?

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