Scrimshire – The Hollow (Album Review)

The sounds of acoustic guitars, waves of violins, and the final entrance of a bossa nova beat with soft vocals from Adam Scrimshire with sparse block chords on the piano add up to sounds of a sophisticated jazz lounge on “Your Promise Is All It Was”. The mix has edgy electronic noise and distortion making for a cool song with a sad ending.

Scrimshire uses brilliant combinations of pop afro horns, reverse effects, and even African style vocals. The drums have an insistent funky drummer style to it. “Everything You Say” features a nice performance from Heidi Vogel with her own, very personal sound, and the percussion and breakdowns are made to keep people dancing. The trumpet, and horn section have well articulated cuts in the arrangement, and the reverse ending swipe was effective.

“Afar” is innovative freshness, and the haunting “ouu’s” from the female background singers top a lush romantic soul vibe of bell tone electric fender Rhodes piano, while the bass, and synth sweeps are brilliant on this down tempo cut that really took my head away from the last thing I was worried about. This is classic dream sequence music. Harmonically rich, and the sonic range is expansive as it fades down to the tempo of a beating heart. Easily one of my favorites.

Scrimshire has a sound that combines nu jazz, and hip hop, and significant production swag. “Ode to Daddy” is another standout with remarkable piano and tight analog bass with the soothing voice of Inga Lill-Aker. This song is powerful and the work of composer/producer Adam Scrimshire will have a significant new spot in my musical universe. Vocals are courtesy of Faye Houston (Resonators/JetTricks), Stac, and other guest artists (including the Hackney Colliery Band and harpist Rachael Gladwin (Matthew Halsall/Rachael and the Red Socks). Wah Wah 45’s “The Hollows” is worth seeking out!

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