Saoul – Backseat Cadillac

Being in the military for several years, the one thing that has always fascinated me is how people from foreign countries appreciate our culture more than we do, everything from our movies, to our books and definitely our music, as can be seen by Japan’s love affair with Hip Hop, to New Zealand’s R&B influx. Saoul is another example of music appreciation, but he is more than a funk luminary, this cat is funk reincarnate, as can be felt through his funky guitar riffs and smooth vocals. Saoul, a Romanian born, self taught musician, who now resides in Las Vegas, definitely has listened to more than his fair share of Stax Records, but at the same time his love of Prince can be felt on various tracks. On his latest effort, “Bedtime Stories”, this cat shows and proves that he is more than a shadow of the funk gods, he is a second coming. “A Million Miles” is very reminiscent of early Prince, with its funky guitars. His guitar playing really soars on “Backseat Cadillac”, creating a sound so velvet, you definitely would have this one playing on a nice long ride. “Silhouettes” is a slow seduction, going from cinnamon to mahogany nights, slowing her down enough to get caught up. On “Sexy Love”, he begs his woman, to take a break to get it on. On “Bedtime Stories II” he shows off another one of his talents, the piano, the track is another slow burner, which I wished lasted a lot longer, but does satisfy. The next track, “Ozone”, is a funky meditation, where he digs deep with this one, loathing about a love lost.” On “Wake” he provides his funkiest and smoothest track thus far, as he is grateful just for the day. The last track, “Cool Kisses”, is a song that feels like a throwback, as if this one was made around 1979, he brings a flavor that will have you pressing repeat on this one. Saoul more than elevates the concept of the “one man band” to another level on this one, as you almost believe he has a full backing band behind him on the whole album, he more than surprise the ears, he surpasses all expectations of the senses, as Saoul, is a definitely one to watch.

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