Sango – North (Album Review)

Here we go, although it has been out for nearly three weeks I have finally got my hands on North by Minnesota’s own Sango. The album was touted by Soulection to be the first step towards Sango’s new sound. While listening to it I definitely did not feel that is was anything entirely new, but it definitely drew from a wider pool of influences. Sango has proven to be a master of percussion and the story is no different in the case of North.

Intricate drums can be found throughout the project and while it got repetitive for me on a couple of tracks, it got me cookin’ on others. One thing I can say is that this man definitely knows how to set a mood. EVERY single track on this album is oozing with ambience. I was drawn towards the tracks with features as they offered something different to break up the album quite well. Standout tracks for me were “Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife” and “Let This” with features from SPZRKT and AGO (Waldo) respectively. Aside from these two “Wake Up, Soul” takes the cake and exemplifies the sound and direction that I expect/hope Sango will take in the future.

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